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  Good Taste Food Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that introduces Japanese production equipment and production technology to produce and process soy sauce. The company covers an area of more than 40000 square meters, production plant more than 10000 square meters, with a total investment of 120 million yuan. The annual output is 10000 tons.

  Good Taste Food Co., Ltd. has introduced the production equipment and technology of Japanese strong soy sauce and roast eel sauce since 2004. The products are made of non genetically modified defatted soybean and wheat as the main raw materials after 180 days of fermentation. The whole fermentation process adopts temperature control alcohol fermentation technology.


Good taste · Good aftertaste

The company has considerate pre-sale and after-sale service, and can produce according to customers' needs to meet the needs of different customers. We sincerely invite friends from all walks of life to inquire and patronize us to create a win-win situation.



Ecological color

The color of cold sauce is light brown, and the color of raw material is fine.


Mellow and delicious

Pure soybean brewing is the real taste. It fully retains the natural aroma in the brewing process. It is full of rich fragrance and overflowing fragrance. The taste is pure and the aftertaste is endless


Brewing technology

A high level of brewing method is to strictly control the cooperation of strains, and cultivating good strains is the core technology of brewing technology.


Healthy nutrition

Scientific methods and ingenuity of the process, for you to inherit zero added food, rich in nutrition, to create a healthy taste bud on the people's table.


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How is soy sauce brewed

Soy sauce is mainly divided into two categories: brewed soy sauce and formulated soy sauce: brewed soy sauce-a liquid condiment with special color, fragrance and taste made from soybean and wheat through natural fermentation by microorganisms. Prepared soy sauce-a liquid condiment made with brewed soy sauce as the main body, mixed with seasoning liquid and food additives. Brewed soy sauce is made by microbial fermentation, has no toxic side effects, and has a strong sauce and vinegar aroma. The configured soy sauce may contain trichloropropanol (toxic and side effects). Although products that meet national standards will not cause harm to the human body and are safe to eat, it is recommended that you buy brewed soy sauce. Brewed soy sauce can be divided into light soy sauce and dark soy sauce: How to brew vinegar and soy sauce Light soy sauce-uses soybeans and flour as raw materials, and is extracted after fermentation. "The color is light and elegant, the taste is strong, the sauce is rich, and the taste is delicious. Soy sauce is a thick soy sauce made by adding caramel to the light soy sauce through a special process. It is suitable for braised pork, braised food and cooking dark dishes. The color is rich, with vinegar and sauce aroma. The difference between light soy sauce and dark soy sauce is that dark soy sauce is thicker in color and thicker due to the addition of caramel; while light soy sauce has lower salinity and more color Light. If you want to cook Cantonese cuisine or you need to keep the original flavor of the dishes, you can use light soy sauce; if you want to cook strong flavors or dishes that need to be colored, such as braised pork, use dark soy sauce.
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Types and uses of soy sauce

When buying soy sauce, you must first see the purpose. You can buy a few more and put it in the kitchen for easy use. The common soy sauces are light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, and steamed fish soy sauce. Let me talk about their usage. Soy Sauce: Gold/Silver Soy Sauce and Very Fresh Soy Sauce are all soy sauces. They are delicious and salty. The main function is to season and improve freshness. Soy sauce: Caramel color is added, the color is heavier, and it is mainly used for coloring, such as braised and braised. Steamed fish soy sauce: It is also a kind of light soy sauce, which can be eaten directly. It is not only suitable for steamed fish and seafood, but also for making cold dishes and cooking vegetables.
10 2020-11

Soy sauce is not as expensive as possible! Find these 3 keywords and easily avoid blending soy sauce

1. Brewing process-high salt and dilute state is soy sauce brewed, you can see the information on the package. If you see the word "preparation", it must be the preparation of soy sauce. The other is brewing soy sauce? No, it depends on the brewing process. Whether light soy sauce or dark soy sauce, the common brewing process is high-salt dilute state, using soybeans, wheat, salt, etc. as raw materials, with good color and outstanding flavor. The soy sauce produced by the high-salt dilute method has a unified national standard, namely GB 18186. If you see GB18186 and the high-salt dilute state at the same time, it can basically be determined that it is brewing soy sauce. 2, quality grade-special grade, first grade Although it is brewed soy sauce, the quality is also graded. According to the quality, it is divided into special grade, first grade, second grade, and third grade. The quality of special grade soy sauce is good, no matter in terms of taste, taste, nutrition, and the third grade soy sauce is the worst. How to distinguish the grade of soy sauce depends on the content of amino acid nitrogen. The content of amino acid nitrogen determines the umami taste and nutrition of sauce. The more amino acid nitrogen it contains, the higher the grade and quality of soy sauce. According to the national standard GB18186 for brewing soy sauce, the amino acid nitrogen content of each grade of soy sauce is as follows: special grade>0.80g/100ml, first grade>0.7g/100ml, second grade>0.55g/100ml, third grade>0.4g/100ml. 3, usage-eat directly or need to be heated Although they are all soy sauce, their usage methods are different. They are divided into table soy sauce and cooking soy sauce. The two have different hygiene indicators. Soy sauce can be eaten directly as a side meal, and has good hygienic indicators. For example, it tastes very fresh and can be used directly in cold dishes. Cooking soy sauce cannot be eaten directly, it must be heated before use, so it cannot be used directly in cold dishes.



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